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​Event venue

The high-altitude landscape cafe overlooks the distant mountains and has a stylish and simple design style. It is suitable for holding new innovation gatherings, new product launches, lectures and dances. The transportation is convenient, with double MRT lines and a 2-minute walk from the exit of Nanjing Fuxing Station. It is the best choice for holding medium and large events!

  • Activity area: 150-inch electric projection screen, which is the main area of the activity

  • High table area: receive guests, enjoy coffee, snacks or buffet catering Buffet taking area

  • Window area: Large glass windows provide bright natural light and a panoramic view of Taipei’s high-rise buildings.

  • Wall area: The world's third largest puzzle adorns the wall and has an additional 10 sofa seats

Venue information
  • ​Use area: 107.5 square meters(32.5 square meters, excluding coffee bar)

  • ​Suitable for: 80 people lecture or 100 people dance

Equipment list

Projection equipment

  • Epson commercial laser projector

  • WUXGA 1920 x 1200 ultra high resolution

  • 6000 lumens high brightness (no need to turn off the light)

  • 150-inch electric projection screen

  • AirPlay wireless projection

  • HDMI wired input


audio equipment

  • Professional-grade sound control equipment

  • multi-trackmixer+ Power amplifier

  • Wireless microphone x 2

  • UHF wireless microphone host

    • Dual channel automatic selection 

    • Multi-group switching for anti-interference

  • 150 people party specifications


Billing method

No. 1-3 hours
4,000 /hr
No. 4-6 hours
3,800 /hr
No. From hours
3,600 /hr


  • Weekdays: Monday ~ Friday 19:00 -- 00:00  (excluding national holidays)

    • Minimum rental hours 2 hours  

  • Holidays: Saturday and Sunday  08:00 -- 00:00  (including national holidays)

    • Minimum rental hours 4 hours



  • No free entry/exit time : Check-in/check-out times are included in the rental period

  • Overtime is calculated in 30-minute units, settle overtime fees before leaving the venue

  • Available for reservation: barreled coffee, tea and light sandwiches. Please specify the items and quantities in your request.

How We Do


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​Requirement submission

Join the official LINE

​Confirm rental period and demand

Sky Cofi Official

Or search @skycofi


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Appointment form sign back

​Pay deposit

Pay deposit NT$ 5,000 within seven days

The venue is reserved until 14 days before the event.


Pay deposit of $5,000 within seven days

The time slot is reserved until 14 days before the event starts

Pay deposit of $5,000 within seven days

The time slot is reserved until 14 days before the event starts

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​Pay the full fee fourteen days before the event

We will reserve the reserved space only after the fee is paid in full. Please be sure to pay within the deadline.

The advance deposit of NT$ 5,000 will be converted into a venue deposit


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​Get your deposit back​

The venue will be restored completely and the deposit will be refunded.

The venue must be restored to the original condition as delivered. If the items are damaged or dirty, the deposit will be deducted. If the venue is not properly cleaned, a cleaning fee of NT $1,000 will be charged.

have an appointment

  • Please join the cafe official Line: @skycofi

  • Inquiry: Inquiry about leasing → Confirm date and demand → Provide quotation

  • Reservation: Pay a deposit of NT$ 5,000 within 7 days → Reserve the venue until 14 days before the event

  • Payment: Full payment is required 14 days before the event starts, and the deposit of NT$ 5,000 will be directly converted into a deposit →Venue rental confirmation

  • Note: If the full fee is not paid before the 14th day of the event, we will not be able to guarantee your venue time. If you are unable to use the venue during that time, the deposit will not be refunded. Please be sure to pay the fee within the deadline.



  • If the event is canceled at any time, the fee will be deducted from the booking/deposit of 5,000 and the balance will be refunded.

  • If the event is canceled due to force majeure natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, or rising epidemics (subject to the announcement of the Taipei City Government) on the event day, the fee together with the booking/deposit will be fully refunded.


payment method

  • Cash, remittance (remittance fees and handling fees need to be paid by yourself)

  • line-icon

​Leasing method

​Instructions for use

 Use and return

  • When entering the venue, a dedicated person will be assigned to guide the layout, pleaseAssign 1-2 people to help move the long table, arrange chairs.

  • Please cooperate and publicize: please collect drinks/food in the bar area and do not bring them into the midfield to avoid staining the floor and equipment.

  • The non-leased area is the work space for SkyCo members, please do not enter and use it.

  • Cleaning tools and a large garbage bag are provided. After the event, the renter must clean and return the venue to its original condition (including resetting tables and chairs). After packing the garbage, place it at the door of the freight elevator so as not to affect access. More than 2 bags of garbage must be taken to the B3 garbage area (turn left to the end after exiting the elevator) for disposal.

  • If the items are damaged or dirty, the deposit will be deducted from the deposit, and any remaining compensation will be fully borne by the renter. If the property is not restored to its original condition or cleaned, a cleaning fee of NT1,000 will be deducted from the deposit. ​

  • If any items are lost during the event, the center will not assume any responsibility for custody. Please pay attention to the safety of your personal belongings.

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